Route: Southern New England Trunkline Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US
22.9 mi

The Southern New England Trunkline Trail runs 22 miles from Douglas State Forest to Franklin State Forest. The trail is one of the longest trails in Massachusetts, running through 6 towns. 

Begin at the Franklin trailhead and end at the CT border, which is just beyond the gate, at the beginning of the trail the leads to the tri-state marker. 

There are two gaps in the trail, in Blackstone and Uxbridge. To bypass the Blackstone gap, at the end of Castle Hill Way turn right onto Main Street (122), then turn left onto St. Paul Street, right on Canal Street and left into the parking area to the trail. To bypass the Uxbridge gap, descend the end of the fill to Route 146A, turn right and go north along Route 146A for 0.2 miles, turn left on Balm of Life Spring Road, then left onto Elmwood Avenue for about 0.45 miles, and right onto Colonel Drive. At the end of Colonel, follow the path into the woods to rejoin the trail.

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