Route: St George Island (FL)

Florida, US

Peter Hubbard posted the route (11/1/2016):

SGI is a quiet island in the panhandle on the "Forgotten Coast." Its entire 20 miles of beachfront is uninterrupted and half of the island is a state park. To run the island end-to-end I started at the entrance of the state park and ran east 10 miles, after hitting the eastern terminus I ran the beach 20 miles west to the western terminus, then back on the road 10 miles to where I had started. The western 6 miles is a private community with a guardhouse and they won't let you in if you come in via the road, thus the choice of running the beach to the western end and then back through on the road. Completely flat, but a fun concept with a little bit of a challenge given the 20 miles of beach running. Not too many islands have this amount of uninterrupted beach front, but it would be cool to see other island FKT/OKT runs like this. 41 miles, 6:55:14.
Peter Hubbard