Route: Stetind (Norway)


Stetind (1392 metres) is a mountain in northern Norway. It is located about 15 kilometres (9 mi) northeast of the village of Kjøpsvik. The mountain has very smooth sides reaching all the way to the fjord. Stetind has an obelisk-shape which gives it a very distinct look. In 2002 it was voted to be the "National Mountain" of Norway.
The "normal route" consists of a well defined trail up to "Halls Fortopp" at 1314 masl., from there the route involves exposed scrambling (YDS grade 3) along a narrow ridge for a few hundred metres then the crux section ("de ti forbitrende fingertak") which is YDS grade 5.7 or Norwegian 4+/5-. the final section to the summit involves more scrambling at YDS grade 4.  The descent features a 15 metre rap from the top of the "mysosten" block.

Numerous descriptions are available on the internet: ( in ENGLISH) and ( mostly in NORWEGIAN)

The route starts at the parking area at approximately 10 masl.