Route: Stubaier Höhenweg (Austria)

78 km
Vertical Gain
5,730 m

The "Stubaier Höhenweg" is a high-alpine Route that goes through the Stubai Alps in Tirol near Innsbruck, close to the Italian Border. It's a mix of high alpine trail, some scrambling parts and a few minor glacier crossings. We expect to cross some old snow fields on the north sides as well. The route seems to be about 78 km with 6000m of elevation gain and about the same in loss. Usually its done backpacking style from hut to hut in between 5 and 8 days by hikers. There are 7 huts from the Austrian Alpine Club along the way. There also used to be a 4 person Relay-Race in the 80s and 90s which only happened 4 times but the fastest time in the race seems to be under 9 Hours which is crazy fast considering the alpine terrain.


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