Route: Summerlin Peak, Mt Woody, Gottlieb Peak (NV)

Nevada, US
8.6 mi

These peaks are in the mountains northwest of Las Vegas, the westernmost extensions of La Madre Mountain, a massive limestone collection found north of Red Rock Canyon NCA.

Jonathan Ziesmer describes this route:

"Start at the Cliff Shadows Buckskin parking lot. Head almost straight west on mtb trails until you're at the base of the ridge below Summerlin Peak. After this point there is no trail, so follow the waypoints. Go up to Summerlin Peak, then follow the ridge to Mount Woody and again to Gottlieb Peak. Then head back to the parking lot, pretty much the same way you came. Everything is class 1 or 3, except for the final approach to Summerlin Peak which is class 4.There's a lot of exposure you should be fine if you're confident that you won't slip out of the plentiful foot/hand holds."

Alternatively, you could drop south from the saddle between Woody & Gottlieb, as shown here:

36.22184, -115.33373 - Cliff Shadows Buckskin
36.21753, -115.36062 - Summerlin Peak (5082')
36.22225, -115.36962 - Mount Woody (5356')
36.22112, -115.38622 - Gottlieb Peak (5835')

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