Route: Terror Lake to Town (AK)

Submitted by Mica Linscheid on Mon, 09/13/2021 - 11:42am
Alaska, US
29.3 mi
Vertical Gain
10,300 ft

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Start: North end of Terror Lake on Kodiak Island where the road meets the lake.

End: Trailhead for Kashevaroff Mountain.

Description: This route will be sure to blow your socks off as the beauty of alpine terrain and ocean is beyond imagination! The course contains roughly 3.5 miles of road at the beginning and 9.2 miles of four wheeler trail at the end. The mileage in between takes place over some of Kodiak's most stunning high alpine terrain with 0 trail and is completely self guided. This route can be navigated by the following as a means of strong suggestion and has been developed through local knowledge and experience.  

1.) From Terror Lake follow the road up until eventually you head south to when you feel you should leave the road to gain Wigeon Pass. 

2.) At Wigeon Pass head towards the top of the valley where two options emerge. Head east and around Crown Mountain to the north to continue on route at the top of the valley to eventually gain CC3. Or Head north east to go up and over Crown Mountain to then gain CC3. CC3 is the first ridge to the east of Crown Mountain. Heading up and over Crown Mountain contains class 2/3 scrambling depending on how you do so. The second option is what you'll see in the gpx.

3.) From the top of CC3 head down along a bench to the top of the valley where you proceed east to gain CC2. CC2 is the second ridge to the east from Crown Mountain.

4.) From CC2 head down in an easterly fashion to the top of the valley to then gain CC1. CC1 is the third ridge to the east from Crown Mountain. 

5.) Off CC1 head towards the top of the valley to then gain the last and final push which is a ridge line from Center Mountain to the top of Kashevaroff Mountain. Doing so you will be able to catch a four wheeler trail at some point.  Follow the four wheeler trail until you gain the top of Kashevaroff Mountain as it is the last main point of the route before descending down to the main road of Rezanof where a pickup by car is then possible.


Please keep in mind this route is the most pragmatic based on local knowledge to get from Terror Lake to Town. You may navigate how you choose based on your style in order to move through these mountains. The alpine terrain contains lots of granite scree and shale fields which makes for being sure footed advantageous. Getting a hold of local knowledge before seeking out on this adventure is encouraged as weather on the island can be difficult to coordinate. This route contains no bail points and is remote. The result of an injury at any point during this route may be serious as access to any emergency help will be through helicopter or potentially search and rescue if you are close enough to town. These potential services, if needed, may be extremely slow to respond as Kodiak's ever changing weather can be challenging to work with. This route can also be done in reverse.


Have fun and enjoy Kodiak's stunning terrain!

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