Route: Thornton-Cookstown Trail (ON, Canada)

Submitted by jamiesonhatt on Fri, 06/19/2020 - 04:35pm
Ontario, CA
15.6 km

The Thornton-Cookstown Trail is a 15.6 km shared use trail (walkingcyclinghorseback ridingcross country skiingsnowmobiling) between the villages of Thornton and Cookstown, Ontario. This rail trail travels through green pasture land and forests, and crosses the Cookstown Creamery Creek six times.

The trail offers a scenic walk or ride to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. See how the colours change daily as wildflowers take turns to display their magnificent blooms. You may also see wildlife, such as deer, beavers, rabbits, raccoons, porcupines, foxes, groundhogs, turtles and all kinds of birds. A lot of beaver activity is visible just south of Essa 5 Sideroad. In both Cookstown and Thornton the trail bed has been upgraded with limestone screenings, or power-raked to make the trail accessible to all Ontarians.

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