Route: Tobermory Five Trail Challenge (ON, Canada)

Submitted by jamiesonhatt on Mon, 10/19/2020 - 04:22pm
Ontario, CA
10 km
Vertical Gain
77 m

The Tobermory Five Trail Challenge is an amazing route in probably the coolest spot in all of Ontario! The challenge takes place in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Take Cypress Lake Road off of Highway 6 to arrive at the start and end of the route, which is at the head of trails at the end of the road. The challenge is simple, circumnavigate 3 lakes(Marr Lake, Horse Lake and Cyprus Lake) using 5 trails(Horse Lake Trail, Georgian Bay Trail, Marr Lake Trail, Cyprus Lake Trail and the Bruce Trail. You must completely close up the 3 loops which means you will have to double travel on some sections. Any direction(s) is fine as long as you start and finish at the head of trails and also completely close up the loops. You must also stay on the trails mentioned and not take a shorter possible route off trail. During your travels, you will get amazing views of all 3 lakes as well as see the beautiful Georgian Bay. You will also pass Boulder Beach, The Grotto(a must see) and Indian Head Cove. The Trails are well marked with signage, but a practice route isn't a bad idea. Much of the route is rocky and technical. This area is extremely popular and will be busy with foot traffic during peak season. I would suggest an early start to avoid it. Also, make sure to check out links below and be sure you have all the info for parking. Enjoy!!!

Link to official map

Link to Cyprus Lake Camping

The Grotto

Parking info


GPS Track