Route: Town Lake Loop Challenge

Submitted by CharlesWagner on Wed, 08/10/2022 - 01:12pm
Texas, US
10 mi
Vertical Gain
180 ft


The loop is already registered, but we would like to set an FKT similar to other loop challenges for most consecutive laps.   The record will be based on most completed 10 mile laps within 24 hours.

Loop Description
The Lady Bird Lake Loop Challenge (also known as Town Lake Loop Challenge) will be based on the most consecutive counter clockwise loops run around Lady Bird Lake within 24 hours (from Midnight to Midnight).   The starting point is under Mopac Bridge, however runners can start anywhere on the trail as long as they run counter clockwise.  All laps must be fully completed. 

More Information

On October 8th Michael Sabrin and I plan to set an FKT for most miles within 24 hours unsupported around Town Lake (Also known as Lady Bird Lake).   Then on November 12th we plan to set an FKT for most miles within 24 hours supported.  The supported run will be part of a fund raising event to end homelinessness in Austin TX (Finding Home ATX). 

Our starting point is planned to be under Mopac Bridge and we will run counter clockwise from Midnight to Midnight.  

October 8th, Unsupported: 5+ Loops or 50+ Miles

November 12th, Supported: 10+ Loops or 100+ Miles