Route: Water Conservation Area 2B Levee Greenway (FL)

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Florida, US
26.5 mi
Vertical Gain
500 ft

The loops starts & ends at a parking area off the west end of West Atlantic Boulevard.  The entire conservation loop is a gravel/grass trail. I would start with this loop if you have never run on a trail before. It is the shortest loop of all the conservation area loops in the glades.  Shorter is good here because the is little (potable) water, little shade, and it can get very hot.  There are only two spots during the whole route where you will find somewhere to go under for some shade. It is a very hot run if you do not start early. If you got clockwise, the first shade is at about 13.5 miles, at the SW corner of the loop.  You go north from here for about 2 miles to the next shade stop, at the westernmost point of the loop. Here there is a post office, bathrooms and water fountains where a lot of the cyclists I saw were taking their rest break. From there on out back to the starting point going north and east, there will be no water so much sure you have enough for the last ~10.8 miles.  All in all, it is a very doable and fun route when you have everything in order. Do not run it if you are not used to having the sun blazing on you for most of the run with little to no shade available. Make sure you have a water pack, light clothes and start early! Highly recommend you start around 4-5am when it is chilly and cool out before sunrise. There are lots of people cycling and having a stroll on the trail when you start south. Very little people seen once you start going north and east so be prepared to be by yourself for a lot of the time on the route unless you are going with a partner or being crewed. 

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It's probably worth noting that there is a sign behind Markham park that says there is a risk of stray bullets from the shooting range. Road still seems to receive plenty of use.