Route: Western Arthur Range Traverse

Tasmania, AU
68 km
Vertical Gain
3,800 m

Historically, speed trips have done the following:  Junction Creek, Moraine A, Moraine K and back to Junction Creek

In 2015 guidebook author John Chapman contacted the site Admin about this route. He indicates that the above trips go only as far as Moraine K, "which is only about 2/3 along the range." Chapman feels that the full traverse should be all the way to Lake Rosanne, so the times quoted above are for a partial traverse. Something for future record seekers to consider.

Stu Gibson responded to this information as follows:

Thanks. For the record and to provide some context, I contacted Mr Chapman prior to my traverse and am fully aware of his opinion on the 'full traverse' from a walkers point of view. 

The Moraine A to Moraine K section contains all the main technical difficulties on the range and is now considered the 'modern traverse' as noted publications such as Australian Geographic Mag. The benchmark was Peter Rankin's speed traverse back in 1993 which is fully detailed in his book Beyond the Horizon. 

Since 1993 there has been a number (+15) of speed traverses, all following that route that Peter Rankin completed in 1993. 

Lets not confuse the issue for 'future record seekers' as speed traverse route & benchmark across this range has been firmly established over the past 23 years.

GPS Track


Hey Stu. wondering if you have any reports associated with your traverse; and additionally, if you had more information regarding the route?

Hi Max
the run was put on social media live at the time by Ultra 168 and Andy Hewitt, as i gave them my live spot tracker details.
i don't have any reports as such, however happy to send photos or details if you send me you your email?
respect the mountain!


Hi Stu,


You mentioned in another post you ran the combined east/west arthurs in 2015. How long did that take you. Looks like you rattle along pretty well so would expect to take a fair bit longer but just dreaming up some logistics for a long day or two out. Have previously hiked the entire West (not down k) via cracroft crossing and have done a traverse of east (in moss ridge/fed/out cracroft)... know the terrain... but that was all in the early 2000s. Any change in track conditions? Recently punched out the grampians peak trail in a push (pretty long/slow but fun nonetheless!).


Thanks in advance



Hey Stu.

any relevant information would be hugely appreciated. gpx file? . my email is

thanks mate.


I understand the popularity and the reason that the FKT route is A-K, however from an aesthetic and geographical standpoint, this isn’t the entire Western Arthur’s Traverse, only part of it. Perhaps a compromise might be having both variants listed on the FKT site, the proper traverse and the A-K variant? 

I find it dissatisfying to claim one has completed the ‘Western Arthur’s Traverse’ when the entirety of the Western Arthur’s has not been traversed (likely an unpopular opinion).

The range doesn’t stop when the fun and technical parts are over (A-K), the range stops with the final mountain, and in this case the trail extends to Lake Rosanne.