Route: Western Uplands Trail (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA
180.9 km

Western Uplands is an overnight backpacking trail with loops of 32 - 88 kilometres in length. The trail can be accessed from the Western Uplands Backpacking Trailhead/Oxtongue River Picnic Ground or the Rain Lake Access Point.

The loops of this trail are described here:

Loop #1 is nested in the larger Loop #2. Loop #3 (the full outer loop) is 72km for the loop, or 88km for the loop plus an out & back to Rain Lake.

A FINAL Variation is point-to-point from Rain Lake to Highway 60, about a marathon distance (as per Lowell Greib's Strava Track). No more Western Uplands Variations will be added!


I, Jamieson Hatt and Chantal Demers will be attempting the fkt for the western uplands trail loop #2 tomorrow bright and early, June 30/20.  I have reached out to one of the current record holders on fb messenger.  We will be attempting the route unsupported, but in opposite directions.  So this won't be a mixed gender, accompanied fkt.  We'll see how it goes and speaking for myself, I hope I don't make a wrong turn. 

Hello - I will be attempting an unsupported 32 km FKT on Loop #1 this upcoming weekend. The female record is listed as unknown, however, looking at her photos on her verification page, it appears that she is running with 2 males. Happy Running!!

Loop 3 now cannot be completed as it was. The portion of Loop 3 between Rainbow Lake, and the intersection with the portage from West Otterpaw Lake and Furrow Lake, is indefinitely closed. This means runners will need to run part of this loop on Loop 2. The alternative section is approximately the same distance, and I'm not sure if either presents a greater challenge.