Route: Western Uplands Trail (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA

Western Uplands is an overnight backpacking trail with loops of 32 - 88 kilometres in length. The trail can be accessed from the Western Uplands Backpacking Trailhead/Oxtongue River Picnic Ground or the Rain Lake Access Point.

The loops of this trail are described here:

The GPS track on the map on this page shows Loops #1 & #2, with Loop #1 nested in the larger Loop #2. Loop #3 is listed as 88km, but that includes an out & back to Rain Lake which isn't part of the FKT route (the true loop), which is 72km.

A 4th Variation is point-to-point from Rain Lake to Highway 60, about a marathon distance (as per Lowell Greib's Strava Track).


I, Jamieson Hatt and Chantal Demers will be attempting the fkt for the western uplands trail loop #2 tomorrow bright and early, June 30/20.  I have reached out to one of the current record holders on fb messenger.  We will be attempting the route unsupported, but in opposite directions.  So this won't be a mixed gender, accompanied fkt.  We'll see how it goes and speaking for myself, I hope I don't make a wrong turn.