Route: Wham Ridge (CO)

Submitted by David Chew on Sat, 07/11/2020 - 07:59pm
Colorado, US
22 mi
Vertical Gain
7,600 ft

Wham Ridge Car to Car

Molas Trail trail head, Summit of Vestal Peak, back to the car. 

A classic scramble (YDS 5.4) in a very remote setting.


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Two things: (1) the time doesn't appear for me; (2) Krupicka did all the Vestal Basin peaks (Arrow, Vestal, the Trinities) car-to-car in 7:16:45 on 7/6/13.  This one was buried in a forum thread on the old board, and so apparently didn't make it to the new site.

Absolutely love the Wham... Back in 2009 I had a crazy idea (crazy for me at the time because I wasn't into endurance anything) to bike from Durango to Molas, then run in and do the Wham, then run back and bike back to DGO. I decided to go for it essentially off the couch on maybe June 11?ish... I was on a bike that fits my wife and went for it after a long day putting up party tents for Durango Party Rental... When I got to the top of Coal Bank Pass, I bailed on the idea and did Engineer DGO to DGO instead...

All that being said... It lit a spark in Drew Gunn (who was waaaaayyyyy more prepared for an adventure like this) who did the Wham DGO to DGO via bicycle in somewhere around 20-22 hours as I recall. He probably would never publish his badassery so I'm doing it here. Anyways... for all those reading this far... DGO to DGO is absolutely the way to Wham!