Route: White Mountain Tracing Objective (NH, ME)

Submitted by rebeccasperry on Tue, 03/07/2023 - 08:17am
New Hampshire, US
Maine, US
1,420 mi

The objective is to hike all of the trails in any edition of the White Mountains Guidebook, over 1,420 miles, roughly 653 named trails in a set amount of time. Trails are defined as all of the named trails in each of the sections of the guidebook, but does not include the trails listed in the summary sections at the start of each part of the guidebook. Trails also include view spurs, spring spurs, tent/camp/shelter spurs, and all trails listed in the descriptions of routes that have mileage totals tied to them.

A link to the official rules and objective information can be found here

A link to each of the routes that I completed can be found here

I am documenting my hikes on my instagram as well as my website


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Starting June 19, 2022 I will attempt to hike all of the trails in the White Mountain Guidebook, 30th edition, in 14 months along with the 100 highest peaks in New England. 

UPDATE - I will be attempting to hike all of the trails in 15 months without the 100 highest peaks. I apparently cannot do math because when I figured out this plan in 2022 I picked from June 19, 2022 - September 19, 2023 and thought that was 14 months when it's 15. I will not be doing the 100 highest peaks along w/ this attempt due to spring hiking conditions & starting grad school in late August. As of today, I have completed 142 days of hiking and 69.2% of the trails in the WMG 30th edition.