Route: Wilson Trail (Hong Kong)

Submitted by Stone Tsang on Mon, 10/26/2020 - 09:43pm
Hong Kong Island, HK
78 km

The Wilson Trail is the newest long-distance trail, established in 1996. The main asset is the exploration of no less than eight Country Parks, with their forests, open hill slopes, and views on the omnipresent Southern Chinese Sea. The trail is pretty strenuous too, because it's going up and down many hills.

The Wilson Trail (衛奕信徑) starts on the south shore of Hong Kong Island. The first stage goes uphill to some 400 meter, and then drops down on the other side of the island into the world city. The trail crosses to mainland Hong Kong via the Metro system. East of Kowloon, it heads for the mountain range that is also covered by the MacLehose trail, but the trails choose different itineraries. From Lead Mine Pass, Wilson Trail heads north, crosses the railway connecting Hong Kong with China's capitalist free port Shenzhen, and ending at the Starling Inlet, near the Chinese border. 

There are 2 short out & back sections of the Wilson Trail along Tai Tam Reservoir Road, which are not part of the FKT route.  The FKT time is total elapsed time, including the time to get between Hong Kong Island and the Mainland portion of the trail.

Wilson Trail pdf map:


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