Route: Wind Caves Loop (UT)

Utah, US
17.4 mi
Vertical Gain
3,420 ft

Paul Bradford posted this route near Logan, UT, which has a Strava segment:

Begin at First Dam [at the mouth of Logan Canyon] and travel up the River Trail to the Guinavah Malibu campground and cross the road at the campground. Get on the Wind Caves Trail. About a 1.25 miles up the official Wind Caves Trail (3rd switchback, and before the actual caves) the trail splits and you climb to a saddle, with a little clearing. on the north side of the clearing is the top of the Preston Valley Trail. Take the Preston Valley Trail down to Green Canyon and follow Green Canyon down, getting on the trail as soon as possible. At the mouth of Green Canyon take the Boneville Shoreline Rrail back to First Dam.
similar to Wind Caves-Counter Clockwise segment (Strava).


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I'm going to explore this route tomorrow, starting early to beat at least some of the heat.