Route: The Writers' Way (United Kingdom)

Submitted by nickarini on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 10:37am
United Kingdom
21 km
Vertical Gain
391 m

The Writers’ Way is a 13 mile trail linking Alton to surrounding villages through some beautiful countryside; it is open to walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. The route uses a mixture of paths and rural lanes with generally gentle gradients, at times on age-old sunken tracks and at others on paths over open farmland or through woodland.

Several famous authors were closely connected to the countryside here, hence the route’s name:

  • The novelist Jane Austen lived at Chawton and was very familiar with the surrounding countryside, taking regular walks with her family and friends. The Austen’s beautifully-decorated house, museum and cottage gardens are well worth a visit
  • Gilbert White lived in Selborne; his detailed wildlife observations and fascination with nature transformed the way we think about the natural world today. Today, there’s lots to see in this appealing village nestled among the woodland hangers
  • William Cobbett was born in nearby Farnham to a farming family; self-educated, he campaigned for better living conditions for rural families and as research he undertook long rides on horseback through the countryside, as described in his book ‘Rural Rides’

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Having a go at this route today, unsupported.

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Love that this route had had so many attempts at it now! The times are brilliant as well

Also for everyone commenting on water Kane being literally underwater, I believe there is also a footpath just to the side of it that cuts down the side of the golf course of it which is also useable and marked as the writers way I believe 

I did the out and back but starting at the Four Marks end. I ran down water lane on the out and then realised there was another footpath to use on the back 


Hoping to have a go at this tomorrow, hopefully out and back - if I can get away from work soon enough and it does not get too dark!!

Out and back in 3:38....sending evidence to FKT team now.  A nice route (except the bit through Alton!!)

fantastic time mate, cracking effot! Lovely route (for the most part) isn't it :)

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This looks like a lovely route, I plan to try it out tomorrow.

Thanks! Really enjoyed it, was hoping to do it in under 5 hours so was really pleased to do it in 4hrs 40mins.

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I'm hoping I can finish work early and do this route again this afternoon! Lovey day today for it.