Route: Wyre Way: Source to Mouth (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Marc Cookson on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 03:42am
United Kingdom
57.65 km
Vertical Gain
254 m

The Wyre Way is part of the UK national network of long distance walking routes. 

The official walk is separated into 4 distinct sections consisting of 2 looped routes for the start or end and 2 point-to-point routes for the middle sections. This source-to-mouth route follows the Wyre from it's source in the Forest of Bowland in the small hamlet of Tarnbrook, at the gate to the access land. The source consists of two tributaries (The Tarnbrook Wyre and Marshaw Wyre) both of which are taken in via this route and recorded as part of the Wyre Way on the OS Explorer 41 Map. The route ends in Fleetwood at the Beach Lighthouse (Lower Light) where the river meets the sea.

The Wyre is the only river in UK where the source is visible from its outlet to the sea. The scenery along the route varies enormously from the wild Irish Sea and Morecambe Bay coastline, busy seaside towns, wide tranquil estuary through undulating pasture land and on up to wild moorland. Care should be taken towards the end of the route when Spring tides can make the route impassable at high tide.

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I'm thinking of having a crack at this route tomorrow!