Route: Yorkshire Dales Five Peaks Challenge (United Kingdom)

Submitted by TheFivePeaks on Sat, 10/03/2020 - 10:25am
United Kingdom
41 km
Vertical Gain
1,500 m

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Great Shunner Fell - 716m

Hugh Seat - 689m

Gregory Chapel - 695m

High Seat - 709m

Wild Boar Fell - 708m

It also takes in two other lesser hills / peaks:

Tarn Hill - 538m

Swarth Fell - 681m


Route description:

Starting from the Moorcock Inn, follow the path up and over Tarn Hill to Cotterdale.

From Cotterdale, zig zag part way up the next hill then along to the middle to meet the Pennine Way.

Follow the Pennine Way all the way to the first main summit, Great Shunner Fell.

Come back on yourself but take a slight right, following the now virtually non-existent path.

This path waves up and over the tops, avoiding a few streams, until you reach the next peak, Hugh Seat.

Carry on around the edges of the top to reach the next peak, Gregory Chapel

From Gregory Chapel continue on the same path until you reach the final peak on this side, High Seat.

From here, a scramble is required down the steep side of Mallerstang Edge.

From High Seat, loop around following the natural shale pavement as this will take you to the easiest shallowest part.

To avoid the scramble, loop further away to an even shallower walkable section. This will however add 1km to the route.

Walk through the open common into Outhgill.

Pass through the church at Outhgill then follow the path along the river and the fields by the train line

Pass under the train line and follow the well-trodden path to the summit of the final main peak, Wild Boar Fell. 

Keep going on the same path down off Wild Boar, then back up on to Swarth Fell.

Continue on the path on the brow of the hill (which becomes hard to track at points) all the way back to the valley.

The road now leads back to your starting / ending point, The Moorcock Inn.


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Attempted this in very harsh conditions on 4th December 21. Wanted sub 5 hours but achieved 5 hours 10 minutes. This is a very hard route due to it not being on very prominent paths and the wet bonging ground does not help. I would advise doing this in the summer if you’re after an FKT and maybe do a recce of the route beforehand unless you are good at navigation. I will definitely be going back in the summer to attempt the record. Please see my run at: 

Good Luck