Article: Fastest Known Films Part Two

By Buzz Burrell on Thu, 12/09/2021 - 03:35pm
Anton Krupicka

This article was written by JASON HARDRATH, the person with 108 (and counting) FKTs, so he certainly is a subject matter expert. This is a wonderful list of short FKT videos for our viewing pleasure; click the links to view the films. Thank you Jason!

Welcome to Part Two of the second Fastest Known Film List. These are meant to be your curated guide for an inspired “film festival” evening at home, showcasing the athletes, sponsors, and filmmakers of our sport. Feel free to invite friends, crack open a beer, and experience some powerful performances across beautiful landscapes.

This installment focuses on Multi-Sport FKT attempts from recent years and the issues surrounding them. The total run time for all the films is 54 minutes. The athletes featured are Anton Krupicka, Stefan Griebel, Kelly Halpin, Kyle Richardson, Ryan Tetz, Ryan Kempson, Aaron Newell, and Joe Grant. The routes we will see are the Longs Peak Triathlon, Grand Teton Picnic, Flatirons, Badwater to Whitney Duathlon, Vermont 4000ers, and Colorado 14ers by bike.

Longs Peak Triathlon - Fastest Known Time with Anton Krupicka (7 min)

Anton Krupicka

Join Anton Krupicka and Stefan Griebel on this classic Longs Peak undertaking as they attempt to break the unsupported fastest known time on the Longs Peak Triathlon. The rules are simple; start in the parking lot of North Boulder, bike to the Longs Peak Trailhead (38 miles), run to the base of the Diamond (6-7 miles), climb the Diamond via the Casual Route (5.10), tag the summit of Longs Peak (14,259ft), run back to the trailhead, and bike back to Boulder.

REI Presents: A Walk In The Park (9 min)

Kelly Halpin

A Walk In The Park presents Kelly Halpin’s attempt to be the first woman to complete the Grand Teton Picnic. And They may call it a Picnic, but this is no walk in the park. Bike 23 miles, swim 1.3 miles, hike 3 miles and climb 6,000 feet straight up. Then eat a donut. Turn around. Do it in reverse.

Kyle Richardson “Tempo” on Flatirons FKT (5 min)

Kyle Richardson

Black Diamond Athlete Kyle Richardson moves to the beat of his own rhythm (literally). From coveted FKTs such as the highly technical Flatiron Linkup to soul runs that morph into ropeless climbs, Kyle’s free-flowing tempo is mirrored only by his drumming, as he’s a musician at heart. Check out this film by Thomas Woodson capturing the pulse of Kyle’s movement in mountains.

Badwater to Whitney Duathlon (12 min)

Ryan Tetz

This short video chronicles Ryan Tetz three year passion project of lowering the time on the Badwater to Whitney Duathlon, for the fastest human-powered time from the heart of the Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the 48 states, up to the top of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the 48.

Vermont 4000ers by Bike by Athletic Brewing (3 min)

Ryan Kempson

A short capturing Ryan Kempson and Aaron Newell multi-sport attempt of the Vermont 4000ers by bike.

The Middle Way  (18 min) ($2.99 rental Amazon)

Joe Grant

Joe Grant set off from his home in Gold Hill, Colorado to attempt to summit all 57 of Colorado's 14,000ft summits. Self-powered and self-supported, Joe took just over 31 days to bike and run to all the summits, ascending over 100,000ft during the runs and cycling over 1,400 miles.The self-imposed parameters of Joe's trip were simple and clear-cut and unlike life, there were no grey areas.

Stay tuned for the next FKT Film List where we go “into the mountains”, chasing FKT athletes such as Kilian Jornet, Sabrina Stanley, and Seth Demoor into the high places…

Composed by Jason Hardrath (IG) see his complete (57 videos!) FKT playlist here
Edited by Ashly Winchester