Route: Lassen to Brokeoff Ridge Traverse (CA)

Submitted by Jason Hardrath… on Wed, 07/31/2019 - 09:47pm
California, US
18 mi

Submitted by Jason Hardrath:

I have been wanting to do this traverse since I first saw it prominent on the skyline from I-5 while passing by around 3 years ago. The goal of this effort is to link all of the high points from Lassen to Brokeoff (Lassen, Eagle, Ski Heil, Pilot Pinnacle, Mount Diller, Brokeoff) and to complete the loop by getting a view of one of the premium hydrothermal features of Lassen National Park by visiting "Bumpass Hell" using the trail system or by bushwacking. 
See Route: 
Please realized there were some exposed Class 4 (perhaps even low Class 5) moves on Pilot Pinnacle, Mount Diller, and up the craggy side of Brokeoff Mountain on some very questionable rock. These are hazardous and should be approached with extreme care, check everything before you trust it. I definitely pulled some chunks loose on each of these.

Otherwise an amazing reason to visit Lassen National Park :)


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What a skyline! My family has a cabin on the east shore of Lake Almanor, and I've truly been dreaming of this traverse since I was a kiddo. I plan to start the circuit around 5:30AM on 8/8/2020, going counter-clockwise from the Brokeoff trailhead. Hoping to complete it in under 7 hours to set the new FKT.

Happy trails!

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Beautiful circuit. Went counterclockwise and came in about 45 minutes behind Jason's time. Had some pretty gnarly dehydration/yakking from Pilot Pinnacle down through Brokeoff. Can't say enough about this route – so diverse and so fun. Great track, Jason!


Dude! So stoked for your experience! Was sure you would take me down! Hope more people will continue giving this a go!

With stoke,