Route: Donnell Range (ME)

Submitted by smkerr on Sat, 05/23/2020 - 04:41pm
Maine, US
21 km
Vertical Gain
1,130 m

This ~13 mile route connects Schoodic Mountain to Tunk Mountain, via a small variety of trails within the Donnell Public Reserved Land system.

In excess of 3,700ft of vertical gain, it summits the following peaks: Schoodic (1080ft) Black (1094ft) Caribou (960ft) Catherine (962ft) Tunk (1140ft). The views of MDI, Atlantic Ocean, and surrounding lakes combined with boreal forests and wide views make the area well worth a visit. My hope is that this route allows a more comprehensive introduction to the area and its many attractions, along with the considerable challenge.

The route begins at the Donnell Pond Rd trailhead (at the end of the road) at the base of Schoodic, to the E. 

From the parking area, the route ascends Schoodic directly. Follow the trail that leaves the parking lot towards the west. After summitting, descend the eastern face (the way you came), but after ~1/5 mile, take a left at the fork, following signs for Schoodic Beach. From there, begin following signs for Black Mountain. Take a left turn from the cliffs to finish a climb to the summit, then begin following signs for the Caribou Loop Trail, bearing N.

Follow the Caribou Mountain ridge, following signs for Dynamite Brook Rd. .8mi from Caribou Mtn summit, watch for the sign indicating Catherine Mountain. Take the trail E to the summit, turning around at the large boulder cairn (will be obvious) and return to complete an out-and-back. From there, continue NW to Dynamite Brook Rd. Take a right, following the road NE to Rt. 182. Take a right, then an immediate left to the Tunk trailhead. Ascend via the main trail to the summit, then return to the trailhead to finish.

NOTE: I've unofficially titled this group of Northern Appalachian Mountains as the Donnell Range - they do not have an official collective name, but are all located on the Donnell Public Reserved Land, so the name seemed appropriate.

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I am thinking of trying route this with my son during the first week of June 2021.

Quinn Murray and I will be attempting this today, Jun 2, 2021!