Route: Godalming Round (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Sam Allwood on Thu, 02/04/2021 - 07:28am
United Kingdom
44 km
Vertical Gain
1,150 m

Stunning loop starting and finishing in Godalming taking in 12 local 'tops'. Highly recommended for a long day out.

This route has been created by the Waverley Harriers.

The route is not a set course. The Round is completed providing you get to all the summits and back to the Pepperpot in the High Street.

The tops are:

Cider House Path

Winkworth arboretum

Hydon’s Ball

Hascombe Hill

Hobb’s Curse



St. Martha’s (via the Drainpipe)

Pewley Down

The Mount



GPS Track


Hi - thanks so much for Waverley Harriers for setting this up. It looks like a great route. I am going to give it a crack tomorrow if I can get up early enough! I don't suppose anyone will see this comment in time but when the route says 'Charterhouse', is there a recognisable 'hill' to run up or is it OK to just run by the school? No worries if no one sees this, I will follow the GPX. Tah. Mike

Might give this a crack today. No way I'm beating that time though Mike! Haha