Route: Buffalo River Trail (AR)

Arkansas, US

The Buffalo River Trail runs about 37 miles from Boxley to Pruitt, Arkansas, though the Buffalo River National Forest.

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I will be doing a supported run Saturday, 3/2/19.

I will be attempting an unsupported out-and-back the first weekend of November. I plan to complete approximately 50 miles the first day, sleep, and then pick up the remaining 24 on the second day.

I completed this attempt for an unsupported out-and-back.

I slept twice and took time in camp so this mark will be easy to beat. It's not fast by ultrarunning standards, but I'm proud to submit the first mark for the out-and-back. I'll try to do this again, but in one push, in 2020 or 2021. I'm looking forward to seeing a faster mark from someone else in that time.

Elapsed time: 48:58:48
Time-on-trail (not in camp): 24:16:07

Next time I do this, my goal will be to have both elapsed time and time-on-trail under 24 hours. It should be "easy" for a more experienced ultrarunner to do that in the meantime.

I'll post a link to longer report when I'm finished.

Hey guys! I just ran the BRT and my time was 8:21:55! What a freakin hard trail. I ran it last May supported and ran it not really caring too much about time ran it in 10hrs and 30 minutes about. But then when I looked up fastest times for the run I got a whole new jolt of energy to get up in the ranks with you guys!