Route: Eagle Rock Loop (AR)

Arkansas, US
26.4 mi

The Eagle Rock Loop is a 26.8 mile loop through the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas made up of three trail, the Little Missouri, Athens-Big Fork and Viles Branch Trail.

The Eagle Rock Loop just may be the best hike in the Ouachita Mountains, combining rugged hill climbs though the mixed hardwood and pine forest with strolls along crystal clear streams. The loop is made of three trails and, with 5 trailheads, offers a multitude of hiking options. The hardwoods in this section of the Ouachita National Forest are oak with some maple. The pines are short leaf and loblolly. In the winter the smaller but evergreen holly trees are a striking contrast to the gray brown of the forest floor.


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Forgot to post my Strava link on my submission. I also ran the lookout trails on top of 3 of the mountains. It added some extra mileage. 

Planning a attempt for Friday, April 17, 2020.  Planning on start/finish at Albert Pike Recreational Area if it is open or if I can park nearby.  Otherwise, if I cannot start there due to park closure, I will start/finish off of FR 106 just west of the Recreational Area at the parking area.  If that is closed, I'll just use the GPS to find a safe place to park and get on the loop where I can.  Will record GPS and share no matter how it goes.  Planning on going clockwise.

Came up short! 4:59. Unsupported starting at Albert Pike Rec Area going clockwise.  The weather was just right. You know if you’ve been running for a while, some days you just know aren’t going to go well from the start. Oh well.  Beautiful route.  Glad to get so see a new place.  Lots of hikers out (it’s spring and it’s Covid19.) Details on my Strava link. I’d love to have another go one day but not sure when I’ll have that chance. 

Planning an attempt Saturday October 17th, 2020. This would either be female supported or mixed gender group (running w/ husband and cousin) depending on moderator decision. Start/Finish at FR106 East Access Point and going in a counter clockwise loop. Running as rendition of the OKC Memorial Virtual Marathon. Hope this establishes a female FKT for this route for someone else to come out and crush it. 

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Going out tomorrow morning for an unsupported (female) attempt clockwise from FR 106 just down the road from Albert Pike. I’m not familiar with the trail so am expecting to be a little slower with a few wrong turns here and there, but I’m sure I’ll be back for another go! Weather should be nice! Will post strava link when finished.

I will be attempting a supported, female run clockwise from Winding Stairs Saturday, December 17, 2022.  I've been training for this run all fall and hope to establish a female FKT.  

I think I’m gonna go again tomorrow. Not sure how fast. Just depends on how I feel. If I feel good I’ll go for the FKT so I figured I’d better post. Albert Pike rec area, clockwise. 

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Attempting an unsupported, male FKT this weekend. Albert Pike and back around. Yew

Will be attempting the eagle rock loop tomorrow! Weather looks great, and I’m super stoked!