Route: Wasatch 7 (UT)

Submitted by Gregory Hirst on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 03:33pm
Utah, US
75 mi
Vertical Gain
32,000 ft

The Wasatch 7 is made up of the seven major peaks in the Wasatch range that surround Utah Valley. They include: Lone Peak, Mt. Timpanogos, Cascade Mountain, Provo Peak, Spanish Fork Peak, Loafer Mountain, and Mt. Nebo. Different routes will produce different total distances and elevation gains. Each peak gives a beautiful view of the valley and the other mountains in the Wasatch 7. FKT times start from the first step on the first peak to the last step on the last peak, so try to summit all 7 peaks in as few days as possible. 


No GPS to track it, but started first hike September 26 at 4:00am and finished seventh hike October 24th at 3:50pm for a total time of 28 days, 11 hours, and 50 minutes. 

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I am going to attempt this again this year, agree this is a beautiful list of peaks to hike @Gregory Hirst 


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3 of us Dave Varney, my son David and a friend James Wilson hiked all 7 peaks in a 7 days. We called it 7 peaks in 7 days. We did 96 miles and 40000 feet of elevation gain. I have the Strava GPS tracking of the routes we took. 

As per custom, I am announcing my intent to try this as a female self supported effort following the routes of each peak as listed. We'll see how it goes! Starting mañana - or technically today since I stayed up too late ;) I was excited to do the Wasatch 7 within a few years and then happened to see them listed here without an official time, so decided to take a shot on my first FKT. Thanks for submiting this, Greg!

Way too much snow. Will have to come back for this one. <3