Route: Ohlone Wilderness Trail: Del Valle Reservoir - Sunol Wilderness Regional Park (CA)

Submitted by mharwood on Sun, 03/06/2022 - 09:49pm
California, US
19.8 mi
Vertical Gain
5,798 ft

The route from Del Valle Regional Park to the Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve is the most noteworthy portion of the Ohlone Wilderness Trail, including unparalleled climbs and vistas.  It is as beautiful as it is challenging. 

The trail begins at Del Valle Regional Park (Del Valle Reservoir).  It climbs steeply toward Williams Gulch (~3.3 miles) followed by Schlieper Rock (~4.6 miles).  The trail continues to North Fork Indian Creek (~9.2 miles) and Rose Peak (~10.3 miles).  The trail enters the Sunol Regional Wilderness (~16.6 miles) and continues on to the trailhead at the Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve at Hayfield Road (19.8 miles).  Or you may run the other direction (the eastern TH is 300-400 feet higher).

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I plan to run this on 4/3, unsupported.

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I think this route should be folded as an alt-route into a route that covers the full trail, which is an iconic ~50K 1-way route with one of the more storied race histories.

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Full trail Queue Sheet

Strava Route for Full Trail (~26.5 miles)

Strava Route for Ohlone 50K route (which ensures tagging of Rose/Mission peak and takes you past Murrietta falls, and arguable better route)

Note the originally submitted route does not follow the Ohlone Trail near the start correctly, it uses Canyon View instead of McCorkle in that section) while this route should be a shorter variant that shorter variant should be updated to take the official trail.