Route: Norman's 13 (CA)

California, US

This route is the brain-child of Andy Gohlich.  The idea is a continuous link up the thirteen 14ers in the Sierra Nevada Range, similar to Nolan's 14 in Colorado's Sawatch Range.  Gohlich tried the route in late Sept / early Oct of 2017, but only completed 5 peaks due to snow and crewing problems.  Gohlich's idea is well described in an article in Trail Runner Magazine:


This route pays homage to Nolan’s 14, applying its summit-to-summit style to the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

From a 14,000-foot view, the stats look about equal; Norman’s stretches roughly 85 to 90 miles, with between 40,000 and 50,000 feet of vert. But the routes differ substantially on the ground (as it were).

Norman’s consists of two clusters of 14ers, separated by a stretch of the high-altitude John Muir Trail. Unlike its quasi-namesake—which demands a willingness to bushwhack but no technical climbing skills—the California version entails low-fifth-class scrambling on jutting granite ridges.

Why you should care: Norman’s 13, to our knowledge, has never been done. It’s the brainchild of Andy Gohlich, an LA-area climber and runner who plans to take it on later this year.

Like Fred Vance, Gohlich saw a logical line in the mountains, and wondered why it wasn’t a thing. California has 15 14ers. One, Mount Shasta, is way up north near Oregon. Another, White Mountain, is off to the east by the Nevada state line.

But the other 13 are all grouped in the Sierra Nevada.

“I was shocked that no one had focused on just the Sierra 14ers,” Gohlich says.

The project, along with three others, recently won a $1,000 grant through a collaboration between Ultimate Direction, La Sportiva and GU. It’s a good thing, too. Gohlich—who is 26, lives in his van and works a few days a week as a photographer’s assistant—says he otherwise might not have been able to afford the requisite gear.

“It’s so bloody obvious and logical, staring us in the face all these years,” says the grant’s creator, Ultimate Direction VP (and fastest known time OG) Buzz Burrell. “This is FKT action at its best—it’s creative, opens more possibilities and establishes meaning.”

Gohlich, who discovered trail running three years ago, calls himself a “solid upper-midpacker.” But by establishing a new line that’s sure to attract future adventurers, he can earn a spot in the annals of the sport.

In other words, to push the boundaries in trail running, you don’t need to contend for a two-hour marathon. You don’t need to be unusually talented, or even particularly fast.

“I hope that by having the vision for this route and sharing it with others,” Gohlich wrote in his application for the grant, “I can somehow give back to the sports that have given me so much, inspiring others to combine climbing and running … and hopefully inspiring someone to come along someday and do it faster as well.”


Note: it is worth noticing that all previous attempters, finishers, and FKT holders have not made their gpx files publicly available on this website. This is an intentional decision to preserve the adventurous nature of the route and to promote deeper research into the full gravity of the technical nature of this route by future attempters. It is also to encourage community. Reach out to older finishers of the route, they may offer you these resources along with beta, or you can attempt to piece the project together on the merits of your own research just as they did.
The 13 peaks of Norman's 13 (by elevation):
1. Mount Whitney 14,508'
2. Mount Williamson 14,373'
3. North Palisade 14,242'
4. Starlight Peak 14,240'
5. Mount Sill 14,153'
6. Polemonium Peak 14,120'
7. Mount Russell 14,088'
8. Split Mountain 14,058'
9. Mount Langley 14,026'
10. Mount Tyndall 14,019'
11. Mount Muir 14,012'
12. Middle Palisade 14,012'
13. Thunderbolt Peak 14,009'

The "Norman's 13 Challenge":
Aside from the FKT, Matt, Ryan, and Jason propose a challenge that one may consider themselves a "finisher" of this route with a time 100 hours or under for the enchainment. As with the FKT, obviously one must fully touch or stand on each true summit. Please drop links to your strava/gps data, trip report and summit photos in the comments below.
Why is the route named "Norman's 13"?
"Norman Clyde (April 8, 1885 – December 23, 1972) was a mountaineermountain guidefreelance writernature photographerand self-trained naturalist. He is well known for achieving over 130 first ascents, many in California's Sierra Nevada and Montana's Glacier National Park. He also set a speed climbing record on California's Mount Shasta in 1923. The Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley has 1467 articles written by Clyde in its archives (wikipedia)." He is considered by many to be one of the most influential Sierra climbers in history. Clyde Minaret is also named in his honor.
More on the history of Norman Clyde:


Not super sure how this works but I'll be giving this an unsupported go starting on 9/13 super early. Looks like a good weather window and a full moon! I've been scouting the route for the past month and feel pretty good about most of the beta! Plan is to free climb/unaided on both Thunderbolt and Sill. Here's my gps tracking link and I'll document with pictures on the summits! If there's anything else I need to do please let me's a huge line so definitely have my doubts about it but really stoked to give it a go!

Posting as Matt's mom. His GPS tracker doesn't seem to be picking him up as of Friday afternoon (9/12/19). He mentioned that there was another climber traveling in the opposite direction who started a day earlier than he did (Thursday, 9/11/19). Reaching out to see if there's anyone who may have crossed paths with him on the route, including the JMT. Also, is there any way to access logbook info from along the route(s)? Any info is much appreciated.

Dates are incorrect above. Should be Friday (9/13/19) etc.

I finished the route last night. Official time 3 days 16 hours 33 min car to car. I'm worked now, more details later and GPS etc. That's the first successful completion of the route so fastest known time/first known time. Good luck to Matt too. I saw him briefly in passing on Pinchot pass and didn't realize what he was doing till reading the following summit registers! It was getting brutal cold with the winds yesterday - felt like I was playing a gamble pushing through the Palisades. Heck of a challenge/course to run! I'm done -Ryan 

Ryan, awesome project to finish! glad you managed to beat some of the weather!

Awesome write up, I hate to be “the guy” here, but you stated you accepted some food from hikers, wouldn’t that make this a supported attempt?

No, that is allowed for self supported.  As long as they weren't out there to meet you. You can take help from random people along the trail.

Trying this again, starting tomorrow morning 7/5/20!

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Ok. FKT world, it's time:

I have been eyeing and rehearsing this route since before Ryan Tetz put up the first completion and Matt Zupan completed his incredible unsupported push.

Myself and Chris Gorney will attempt Norman's 13 aiming for 71-76hrs.

We will start at 1am - 2am on 7/19 or 7/20 as we are wait for the typical Sierra thunderstorm cycle to peter out.

Live tracking will be guest hosted on with 3D rendered of the terrain we are on in real time.

We are staged with caches in position and friends who will join us for portions (Ashly Winchester my amazing GF who just did the unsupported JMT SOBO and Nathan Longhurst who just complete the 247 peak SPS list FKT in 138 days), so this will be the first "supported" style attempt of Norman's. 

If everything goes well we will roll straight into CA 14ers by Bike from South Lake TH to White Mtn and then to Shasta. We will worry about that when we get there though.

Much love FKT world, y'all have been awesome for these epic years!

With stoke and gratitude, 

Jason Hardrath 


UPDATE Norman's 13: weather window opened, going at 1am Pacific time 7/20

Follow 3D live tracking here - 

And live commentary on Instagram by Sean Haworth and current record holder Matt Zupan on my Instagram Stories about pace, terrain, weather, the plan etc. 

It is with wild stoke and gratitude, I am proud to announce that NORMAN'S 13 WENT!!! 

In 3 days, 2 hours, 22 min, 20 seconds as recorded in one charge on my COROS Vertix 2, so no broken tracks.

The entire endeavor was also live tracked via a Garmin InReach Mini 2 through

Full write up and video on Chris Gorney's Youtube will be forthcoming!

And I did roll straight into CA 14ers by bike out of Norman's 13 to also lower that "supported" record to 6 days, 22 hours, 49 minutes.