Route: Douglas County East to West Trail

Submitted by austinriley3 on Tue, 12/27/2022 - 02:45pm
Colorado, US
27 mi
Vertical Gain
1,961 ft

Starts at the intersection with Cherry Creek Trail and heads East behind the neighborhoods. The trail then crosses under Chambers Road and eventually turns into a dirt double-track trail that winds along the powerlines. The trail goes underneath I-25 and you begin to climb to the top of the mesa overlooking Lone Tree. The trail briefly shares the backside of the Bluffs Regional Park. The dirt trail follows along Finn Ave, which turns into South Monaco St.

Then cross McCarthur Ranch Road onto the winding singletrack, which climbs up the East side of Monarch Blvd, across from Rocky Heights Middle School.

From Rocky Heights, continue climbing past the parking lot and underneath Monarch Blvd. The trail follows Griggs Rd. Once you reach the parking lot, you cross over the road and continue on the other side. Continue along the doubletrack almost to Mountain Vista High School. Take the well-marked turn-off and continue on the singletrack that eventually turns into doubletrack with gravel down by highway 85. The trail eventually turns into concrete, which you follow for a few miles before crossing Highlands Ranch Parkway. Follow the trail for about another mile until it ends at Redstone Park.

GPS Track


Does anyone have info on the current fkt of this route? I will likely give this a go in the next few months.

Patrick Stewart

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hi Patrick, looks like a segment has also been created, ending slightly earlier than the GPX track posted here.  the original submitter austinriley3 currently tops the board at 4:18:38.  per the FKT description best to run that last mile to Redstone Park as well :-)   see you out there!

Looks like Austin Riley's total time for the full route to Redstone Park is 4:32:55. Click on his Strava post to see the Elapsed Time.

The Strava segment of the same name is shorter than the posted FKT route. I would think for FKT purposes you'd have to terminate at Redstone Park.