Route: Primorska Planinarska Transverzala (Montenegro)

167.5 km

The Primorska Planinarska Transverzala (PPT) is the trail (170km +8000m) in Dinaric Alps in Montenegro. It runs across the karst ranges and grassy valleys along the entire coast from Bar in the south to Herceg Novi in ​​the north. The goal of the trail is to connect the 3 massifs and climbing up to the most important peaks of these mountains. These are the peaks of Rumija (1595m) on Rumija massif, Jezerski vrh (1657m) on Lovcen massif, and Zubacki Kabao (1894m) on Orjen massif.
There are many historical and cultural attractions on the PPT trail. There are the Old town and the aqueduct in Bar. Rumia, the cult mountain, which is connected to numerous historical legends, separates the Adriatic Sea from Skadar Lake, the largest in the Balkans. Tvrdava Kosmac (fortress Kosmac), Tvrdava Sveti Andrija (fortress of Saint Andrew), and other fortresses were part of the fortification around southern borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the national park Lovcen at the top of Jezerski vrh, there is a mausoleum of Montenegrin ruler, poet, and philosopher Petar II Petrovic Njegos. Bokokotorski zaliv (bay of Kotor) with its hinterland is one of the most beautiful fjords not only in Europe, so it is as such in the "Hundred the most beautiful bays in the world". Zubacki Kabao, usually known as mt.Orjen is the highest peak of Eastern Adriatic.
Due to the karst topography of the Dynaric Alps, water sources are scarce on the PPT.
Overwhelming views and a multitude of historic sites along the route make the hike a unique experience.

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Going to make Unsupported attempt in North to South direction (Herceg Novi to Bar) next weekend