FKT: Christof Teuscher - Crater Lake Rim Drive (OR) - 2020-02-22

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11h 18m 21s

I needed some more winter training, so decided to go back to Crater Lake. This time I went for speed and was able to lower Jason Hadrath's time (13h 45m, from 5 days ago by 2h 27min.

Compared to the outing with Danielle earlier this month (, the weather was fantastic. There was about a foot of soft snow on long stretches, so the Northern Lites racing snowshoes were way too small for those stretches. Jason's trail was mostly gone.

I believe this was my 7th circumnavigation.


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You are an epic human being, Christof!

I love that yet again you came out and kicked my ass on something I took from you.

it is such a beautiful day out...totally worth it for the training :)

congrats. I would love to take tomorrow off work to go after you again, but I don’t think I my body will let me go after you in such short order. We’ll see. 

Respect. Admiration. And don’t you worry, I will find another way to get you in the future ;) game on!