Route: Crater Lake Rim Drive (OR)

Oregon, US
32 mi
Vertical Gain
3,675 ft

Crater Lake National Park is in the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon. It’s known for its namesake Crater Lake, formed by the now-collapsed volcano, Mount Mazama. Wizard Island is a cinder cone near the western edge of the lake. The Rim Drive, a road surrounding the lake, offers views of the park’s volcanic formations. The park’s numerous trails include Sun Notch, with views of the Phantom Ship, a small island.The 33-mile Rim Scenic Road has more than 20 scenic overlooks and done in a clockwise direction with over 3K+ vertical gain. 

Note that on certain days of the year a 24-mile section of the 33-mile Rim Drive is closed to motor vehicles, making it especially nice for cyclists and pedestrians.


The "Duathlon" variation is exactly like it sounds - 1 lap by bike, 1 lap on foot



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I plan to go for this supported tomorrow afternoon/night. (8/3/2019) 

I’m making a Solo unsupported run at this overnight tonight , Mon 6/22. It’s expected to be very warm Tuesday day and I’d love to experience this run under clear skies and stars. I also do much better at night. West and North rim are clear and plowed and although East rim is closed, I expect mostly dry road. Moving CW from the village this will be the last 1/3 of the run anyway. Packed and runable at least. 

I completed the route unsupported traveling CW from the Rim Village using only the paved scenic rim drive. 31.87 mi in 05hrs:39min:47sec. Submitted for verification.

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I completed the Crater Lake Rim Run on 7/06/20 in 6h 39m 34s.  Beautiful Day!  Amazing Run!  Just to slow & old at 61 to break the FKT, but gave it a go.  Well done Jason Wheat, you beat me to it by a couple of weeks.  Half the road was still closed to cars, only saw 2 cyclist.  Ran clockwise, self supported, starting at Park HQ so I would have a downhill finish.  Stashed 3 soft water bottles along route.  Fueled on Heed Electrolyte, Spring Energy Gels, Lara Bar, and Clif Energy Chews.  Make sure to train on big hills.  Cloudcap & Dutton Ridge wiped me out.  Earth Runner & long time Mazama.  Steven Wagoner

I'm going for this Friday, clockwise. Just saw the new time, so this will be a hard effort for sure! 

Hi! I’m gonna go for this one sometime tomorrow morning. I believe I’m starting at the visitor center and going clockwise but who can say. Going for solo unsupported since ....there isn’t one, somehow?