FKT: Peter Bakwin - Sanitarado (Boulder, CO) - 2011-06-10

Route Variation
Sanitarado & Back
Finish Date
Time (duration)
10h 15m 9s

On 10 June 2011 Peter Bakwin did a (first ever?) "Sanitarado & Back", starting at Linden Ave. and running the Sanitarado, and then back the same way, for a total of about 34 miles with 14,500 feet of elevation gain. Total time was 10h15m09s. Buzz Burrell ran with Bakwin for about the first 7.5 hours (including the full Sanitarado plus up Shadow Canyon), and Maria Petzold joined them for about 4 hours (to Eldorado Springs). The splits are:

Sanitas 0h27m
Flagstaff 1h34m
Green 2h13m
Bear 2h57m
S. Boulder NA
Eldorado 5h21m
S. Boulder 7h35m
Bear 7h47m
Green 8h29m
Flagstaff 8h52m
Sanitas 10h00m 
---------- -----
Sanitarado  6h18m
Eldoitas 6h07m