FKT: Travis Soares - Right On, Joshua Tree (CA) - 2021-03-06

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23m 4s

Twas the morning of March 6th. Ryan mountain stood across the valley of joshua trees. Saddleback rock sat below it. I had heard of the Right On FKT set by Jason Hardwrath two days before. I had climbed the route many times, and after seeing Jason had accomplished it in 38 minutes, I was fairly certain it could be done faster. At approximately 7:40am I drove to the Hall of Horrors parking area jamming to Underdog by Alicia Keys. The song was fitting for the adventure because Jason is an idol of mine. 

I began the run at 7:58am. I opted to solo the climb as I had done many times before. I threw on my La Sportiva Mythos at the base and climbed to the top. I downclimbed, put my Altras on, and then ran back. I finished the FKT in 23 minutes and 4 seconds delighted in my effort! And I made it back to Hidden Valley Campground just in time for climbers coffee.


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So stoked to see someone give this route a pure, clean rip! 

You cleaned up every single minute of "soft time" that I wrote about and even went 2 minutes faster than that:

"For future attempters, I think ? just on technique and elimination of mistakes, if one goes “self-supported” with the Rappel already set cleanly, that this route has 10-13 minutes of “soft time” to be improved, I could see it going in around 25 minutes or just under by someone who isn’t dramatically stronger than me (and I am pretty slow)."

Psyched that this has a real time now! This is awesome.

Your inclusion of me in your write up (and comparison to Alicia Key's "Underdog") gave me a smile for sure!

With Stoke,
Jason Hardrath