Route: Right On, Joshua Tree (CA)

Submitted by Jason Hardrath… on Fri, 03/20/2020 - 02:42pm
California, US
1.6 mi

Submitted by Jason Hardrath:

As one of the longest multipitch and most highly rated easy-moderate routes of Joshua Tree National Park, “Right On” 5.5yds, is a natural choice for a car-to-car speed effort in the park.

Check Mountain Project for descriptions of the pitches. Warning: a lot of slab and greasy chimney

The Route:
In style, this is a trailhead to trailhead effort from the Hall of Horrors parking area.
(note: I moved the start just to other side of the highway from the parking after observing just how much traffic can be on this hwy and how much that time could impact a sprint effort like this.)

-Start at the edge of the HWY (across from the parking) next to the small climbers trail sign. See photos on Strava.
-Run the climbers trail scramble to the base of “Right On” 5.5 yds
- climb the 350’+ to the top of the route
- rappel the traditional way or scout a connection to the “walk-off”
- down scramble the boulders
- run back to the start

Notes on style: “Unsupported” if you carry your rappel rope up with you or just find a down scramble (research this first, post in the comments if you find a way to connect one)  “Self-supported” if you leave a rappel line and/or bailout/safety line on the preset on the route (faster).  Ropes should be used for safety and rappel only (not as aid to climbing).

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