Podcast: Episode 104: What Route has 432,500' of elevation gain? Eric Gilbertson is here to tell you.

Eric Gilbertson - Fastest Known Time
Eric Gilbertson
Eric Gilbertson

That's no typo: the Rocky Mountain Slam has 432,500' of elevation gain.  He climbed 205 summits in 1,030 miles, and set FKTs on Colorado's Highest Hundred and the Wyoming 13ers en route, without attempting to do so.

"This summer I had originally planned on a 2-month international mountaineering expedition, but had to cancel at the last minute due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions in early June. So I decided to climb the Colorado 14ers, Wyoming 13ers, and Montana 12ers. The day before I left I decided to also try to squeeze in the Colorado Centennials."

Two weeks notice, massive, unprecedented route - no problem, right?  Right.  Eric did not get lost, sick, or injured over 60 days.

"I like to climb mountains."

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Full CV

Eric Gilbertson

  • Age: 34
  • City: Seattle
  • Occupation: Mechanical Engineering professor, Seattle University
  • Sports Highlights -
    • Climbed 119 country highpoints so far, including Afghanistan (Noshaq, 24,580ft, 5.7 M4)
    • All US state highpoints 
    • All Canada province/territory highpoints
    • All North America country highpoints
    • 25 mountaineering first ascents, mostly in Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Canada
    • Several 2,000-3,000-mile bike tours in Alaska, Canada, Europe
    • Hiked Appalachian Trail
  • FKT highlights -
  • Social -

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