Route: Rocky Mountains Slam (CO, WY, MT)

Submitted by Eric Gilbertson on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 09:14pm
Colorado, US
Wyoming, US
Montana, US
1,030 mi
Vertical Gain
432,500 ft

The Rocky Mountains Grand Slam is a challenge to climb all the major peaks of the American Rockies – the Colorado 14ers, Wyoming 13ers, and Montana 12ers – in one push. This includes the generally-accepted lists of 58 14ers in Colorado, 35 13ers in Wyoming, and 27 12ers in Montana, for a total of 120 peaks. These peaks all meet the same standard criteria of 300ft prominence cutoff, except for the five extra Colorado peaks (El Diente, North Maroon, North Eolus, Cameron, Conundrum) that are generally included in 14er lists for historical reasons.

The peaks range from standard hikes on well-maintained trails in Colorado, to talus scrambles in Montana, to very remote peaks involving glacier travel and alpine rock climbing in Wyoming. Of the 120 peaks, four are technical via their easiest routes (Spearhead, Wilson, Koven, Grand Teton), all in Wyoming, with short stretches of climbing up to 5.4.

The slam was first completed by Eric Gilbertson on August 15, 2020, and next completed by Matt Lemke on August 22, 2020. These are currently the only known people to finish the slam. More details of the slam can be found at

Below is a list of all mountains in the slam in order of decreasing elevation: 


Mount Elbert—14433
Mount Massive—14421
Mount Harvard—14420
Blanca Peak—14345
La Plata Peak—14366
Uncompahgre Peak—14309
Crestone Peak—14294
Mount Lincoln—14286
Grays Peak—14270
Mount Antero—14269
Torreys Peak—14267
Castle Peak—14265
Quandary Peak—14265
Mount Evans—14264
Longs Peak—14255
Mount Wilson—14246
Mount Cameron—14238
Mount Shavano—14229
Mount Princeton—14197
Mount Belford—14197
Crestone Needle—14197
Mount Yale—14196
Mount Bross—14172
Kit Carson Peak—14165
El Diente Peak—14159
Maroon Peak—14156
Tabeguache Peak—14155
Mount Oxford—14153
Mount Sneffels—14150
Mount Democrat—14148
Capitol Peak—14130
Pikes Peak—14110
Snowmass Mountain 14092
Windom Peak 14087
Mount Eolus—14083
Challenger Point—14081
Mount Columbia—14073
Missouri Mountain—14067
Humboldt Peak—14064
Mount Bierstadt—14060
Conundrum Peak—14060
Sunlight Peak—14059
Handies Peak—14048
Culebra Peak—14047
Mount Lindsey—14042
Ellingwood Point—14042
North Eolus—14039
Little Bear Peak—14037
Mount Sherman—14036
Redcloud Peak—14034
Pyramid Peak—14018
Wilson Peak—14017
Wetterhorn Peak—14015
San Luis Peak—14014
North Maroon Peak—14014
Mount of the Holy Cross—14005
Huron Peak—14003
Sunshine Peak—14001


Gannett Peak —13804
Grand Teton —13770
Fremont Peak —13745
Mount Warren —13722
Mount Helen —13620
Turret Peak—13620
Mount Sacagawea—13569
Jackson Peak—13517
Mount Woodrow Wilson—13502
Bastion Peak—13494
Mount Febbas—13468
Sunbeam Peak—13460
Flagstone Peak—13450
Pinnacle Ridge—13365
Downs Mountain—13349
Mount Koven—13265
The Sphinx—13258
Spearhead Pinnacle—13220
American Legion Peak—13205
Brown Cliffs North—13198
Wind River Peak—13192
East and West Twin Peak—13185
Flagstone Southeast Peak—13180
Cloud Peak—13167
Desolation Peak—13155
Split Mountain—13155
Francs Peak—13153
Henderson Peak—13115
Klondike Peak—13114
South Downs Mountain—13062
Harrower Peak—13052
Bow Mountain—13020
Mount Whitecap—13020
Black Tooth Mountain—13005
Knife Point Mountain—13001

Montana 12ers:

Granite Peak — 12799
Granite Peak – Northwest Peak —12745
Mount Wood —12660
Castle Mountain—12612
Whitetail Peak—12551
Silver Run Peak—12542
Peak 12540 (aka Rainbow Peak)—12540
Tempest Mountain—12469
Mount Peal—12409
Castle Rock Mountain—12401
Beartooth Mountain—12351
Bowback Mountain—12351
Mount Villard—12345
Mount Hague—12323
Glacier Peak—12320
Spirit Mountain—12283
Sundance Mountain—12262
Salo Mountain—12250
Mount Rearguard—12204
Cairn Mountain—12200
Pyramid Mountain—12119
Drop Off Mountain—12115
Peak 12090 (aka Castle Rock Mountain Northeast Peak)—12090
Snowbank Mountain—12084
Mystic Mountain—12080
Sky Pilot Mountain—12047
Villard Spire—12020


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I will be attempting to complete the 58 CO 14ers, 36 WY 13ers, and 27 MT 12ers as a thru hike. I intend on this being an entirely self-supported effort. I am starting tomorrow, June 7th from the Barr Trailhead in Colorado Springs. 

I’ll my best to provide updates on IG. Let’s party. 


Instagram: Jason_Heyn

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FKT community: It looks like there will be two Jasons climbing through the Rocky Mountain Grand Slam this summer - however, I will be repeating this driving between trailheads - in similar style to the current supported record by Eric Gilbertson - I will be aiming to best his 60 day, 9hr time. I have worked extensively with Andrew Hamilton to sign waivers and attain permits for the usual peaks.

I intend to climb - the 58 CO 14ers, 36 WY 13ers, and 27 MT 12ers for a total of 121 peaks.

I will have live tracking here: - once a peak has been visited it will turn from red to green 

My Strava will have summit photos:

and I will have storytelling/stats going on Instagram:

I intend to start on Culebra on June 24th.