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Category: Person-Person

We finish our 3-2-1 countdown interviews from the Men's podium of the US Mountain Running Championships with the winner, Joe Gray.  Joe is one of the best mountain/trail runners in history.  He is very articulate and insightful, and is extremely well respected by other runners, while some casual runners may not have heard of him.  How can that be?  Let's correct it!

Joe has won a ridiculous 20 National Championship races, as well as 2 World Championships, in addition to wins at countless (literally) other races - see his Bio below. 

Category: Person-Person

We are counting down the podium from the US Mountain Running Championships!  Last week: Joe Demoor, #3.  This week: Max King, #2.  (Stay tuned for next week!)

Category: Person-Person

When asked if he wanted to be a guest on the podcast, Joe wrote back,

"I realize this will be a bit about talking about myself, which I have to admit is one of my least favorite activities."

Right on!  Joe is the kind of person we especially like talking with.  Called the "quiet crusher" by some friends, Joe is a classic mountain person: he works hard, runs hard, and doesn't need to talk about it.  He has no shoe sponsor, and says with a laugh,

Category: Person-Person

Welcome back to a classic episode of the Fastest Known Podcast. That’s right, this week we are re-airing our August 15th, 2020 interview with Kelly Halpin who had just completed the Wind River High Route, solo and unsupported.

Category: Person-Person

This is a 43 day thru-hike with almost 300,000 feet of elevation gain, summiting all 58 Colorado 14ers ... entirely self-supported, solo, never getting into a car ... how did he do that?!

"For the 3 months leading up, I did more pre-planning on this than my work."

"I didn't publicize this in advance. You have to Walk the Walk before you Talk the Talk".

Category: Person-Person

Bethany wrote to us:  "One year ago, Katie Rhodes and I came together and became the first women to complete the 46 unsupported thru-hike. That summer was my first with Strava and a GPS watch. She and I have learned a lot in one year and have combined for 23 FKTS, going after some big and small. From the thru-hike, I began ambassador work with SheJumps, a national non-profit that promotes more women and girls to get outside. I think we'd make a cool podcast."


Category: Person-Person

Scott is the best US Male Ultra Runner ever.  That may change, but for now, no one can match 7 consecutive wins at the WS100 plus wins at other marquee events.

Category: Topics

This year, hundreds of square miles in the western US has been on fire, resulting in terrible air quality which often has exceeded EPA guidelines.  Dr Kevin Shilling is a long time ultrarunner, was 10th at the HR100 this year, and is a pulmonary physician based in Salt Lake City.  So we ask him an important question:

When does air pollution get so bad it's better not to exercise?

"That depends on how badly you want to go for a run."

Category: Person-Person

It's a great time to re-air our 2020 interview with Courtney Dauwalter who - only 1 week ago - won her second consecutive Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc title, setting a new women's course record in the process. On top of all that she was the 7th finisher overall.

During 2020 when UTMB was canceled, Courtney turned her attention to setting an FKT on the Colorado Trail, going from Durango to Denver. In this interview she discusses why the attempt was eventually stopped and much more. This is our most popular episode of all time and for good reason!

Category: Person-Person

"Mediocre"?  I don't think so!

Zack has done 7 ultra races and won all of them.  And he's from Kentucky, proud of it, and why maybe you haven't heard of him (the western US seems to receive more attention).

"I like the east. It's green. I'd like to try some things out west, but I'm happy here."

Zack graduated in 2017 with a double degree, went to work ... and quit 3 days later.

"Running is what I love.  Yes, I took a pay cut, but this is what I want to do."

Find out why.