Route: Via Alpina (Switzerland)

Submitted by Matthias on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 03:36am
390 km
Vertical Gain
23,500 m

The Via Alpina is "The Classic" of Swiss long-distance hiking. The Via Alpina crosses Switzerland from East to West. It runs along the Alps from Vaduz (Lichtenstein) to Montreux. It is a long-distance hiking trail that crosses 14 beautiful Alpine passes. The total distance is around 390km, and usually takes 20 days of walking (plus rest days and bad weather days).


Passes crossed: 14

Approx dist: 390 km (242 miles)

Climb: 23500m (14.6 miles, or 2.6 Everests)

Descent: 24700m (15.3 miles, or 2.8 Everests)

Highest point: Blümlisalphütte, 2820m

Lowest point: Lac Leman, 390m

Route info, profiles:

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I'll be attempting the Via Alpina from 14/08/2020 and aim to start around noon.  

Tomorrow Wednesday, 16.09.2020 I will attempt to run the Via Alpina across Switzerland (390 km / 23500+ vert) in sub 100 hours from Vaduz/Gaflei to Montreux. I will be self-supported (solo/no crew) carrying all my gear and nutriton along the way on my back. I will start roughly at about noon.

This year has been a crazy ride to say at least in many parts of my life. I never needed or have I asked for reasons for doing the things I do but several incidents showed me once more what it means to be a healthy white man born into a loving family in the heart of Europe. I never used my abilitys to change the world for the better and I know that this will be a very small contribution, but it is a start. Nevertheless I reach my goal or not, every € donated will go directly to the organization.