Route: Assynt Traverse

Submitted by jamesgibsoncumbria on Mon, 05/09/2022 - 11:53am
United Kingdom
75.43 km
Vertical Gain
6,235 m

The Assynt region is home to one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in Britain and includes some of its most illustrious peaks.  Although modest in height by Scottish standards, they rise dramatically from the surrounding bleak tableland as giant monoliths of rock, both mesmerising and captivating. The object of the route is a complete traverse of all its major peaks starting at Loch Lugainn below Stac Pollaidh and finishing at the Loch Glencoul viewpoint at Unapool near Kylescu.  This involves climbing 12 peaks (3 on Quinag), covering nearly 50 miles and ascending some 6,200 meters. The route was conceived by Tony Wimbush and first completed in 2010 by Pete Simpson, Tony Wimbush and Colin Brooke in a time of 26 hours 59 minutes.

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