Route: Bear Mountain State Park 7 Summits (NY)

Submitted by Kim Levinsky on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 11:24am
New York, US
27.5 mi
Vertical Gain
7,500 ft

This route summits 7 mountains in Bear Mountain State Park. This loop starts and finishes at the small gravel lot on 9W; use these coordinates for parking 41.28059, -73.96384 The loop is described clockwise (may be complete either direction).

From the parking lot, walk about 200 feet along the road, following signs for the Blue Blazed Timp Torne Trail. Follow the Blue Timp-Torne Trail all the way to Fort Montgomery. Along the way, you will summit The Timp, West Mountain and Popolopen Torne. When you reach Fort Montgomery you will take the White with Black Stripe trail across the pedestrian bridge and then follow the Red Trail up to Bear Mountain Bridge (the Blue Trail has a gate that is closed preventing you to go up to Bear Mtn Bridge). Follow the Appalachian Trail across Bear Mountain Bridge to complete the out-and-back of Anthony's Nose: you'll be on the AT until your first intersection to make a right on the Blue trail to get to the summit of Anthony's Nose. Retrace your route on Blue and then left on the AT to go back over Bear Mountain Bridge. After you cross the bridge, you'll follow the AT through the Trailside Museum/Zoo. Go through the pedestrian tunnel that goes under 9W and follow the AT along Hessian Lake. There are restrooms and vending machines here. Continue following the AT to summit Bear Mountain and then stay on the AT to descend. When the AT crosses Seven Lakes Drive, turn left on the 1777 Trail. You'll run through Doodletown and then make a right on the Blue Trail. *Note: the Blue blazes are very faded for the first mile of this section, so you'll need to pay close attention to the blazes*. Climb Blue to the top where it ends and you'll find a trail sign directing you to the Bald Mountain Summit. Take the Red Trail about 1/4 mile to the summit and then return on the Red Trail to that same intersection. You will now follow Red (Ramapo Dunderberg) all the way to the end where it will rejoin with Blue Timp-Tourne Trail to return to the parking lot.


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Scenic and challenging!

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Congratulations Ben! Nice effort, awesome route!