Route: Cachora to Choquequirao (Peru)

57.3 km

Here's a nice article about Choquequirao & the planned "improvements" to get more tourists in.

Inevitably, it’s been called the “sister” of Machu Picchu. But while Peru’s poster girl is surrounded by the paparazzi crush of up to 2,500 visitors a day, Choquequirao (the Quechua name means “cradle of gold”) is almost entirely deserted. It’s not hard to see why: at least two days of mules, sweat, and wild camping separate these ruins from the nearest road or hot shower. The reward for those adventurous enough to make the trek is an Inca sanctuary that still feels, in Rudyard Kipling’s phrase, like “something lost behind the ranges”. But it won’t stay that way for long. In what may be the most ambitious tourism project in the world, the regional government is investing $50m in a mile-high cable car that will glide up to Choquequirao in 15 minutes.

Liam Walke added some info about the FKT route:

It was an absolutely spectacular route, really hard, tons of vert (and just really steep technical trails down into the canyon, back out, and then the same thing back again.) We had conflicting info on how long the route was going to be, so to keep things simple (and costs down) for other folks doing this route, our starting point was the Plaza de Armas of Cachora, turnaround point was the gate where you pay to get into the ruins.

Starting point: Plaza de Armas (central plaza) of Cachora,
Turnaround point: Choquequirao gate (registration and payment)
3837m+ elevation