Route: Chiemgautour (Germany)

Submitted by Kobi-Wan on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 06:52am
50 km
Vertical Gain
3,500 m

The Chiemgautour is planned as a 4-day hiking-trip. It's 50 km, so it can be a one-day-trip. You are reaching four well known and beautiful peaks in the German Alps. It's the Kampenwand, Geigelstein, Spitzstein and Hochries. You will have a nice nature and beautiful views over the Chiemgau, the south of Bavaria and into the Alps. Most of the Tour is trail and path. There is no additional equipment needed, like ropes or crampons. Normal trailrunning or hiking-equipment will be enough. There are serval huts with drinks and food on the Tour and at Sachrang, at the half of the track, there is a supermarket for supply and it's possible to get a support by car.

Here is a descritpion of the tour from the german Alpenverein:

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