Route: Gans Creek Wild Area Trail (MO)

Submitted by Heather DeRose on Tue, 02/27/2024 - 08:02am
Missouri, US
7 mi
Vertical Gain
702 ft

Gans Creek Wild Area Trail is loop trail with a "lollipop stick" extension. The trail is moderate and consists of small stream crossings and hills that flow into Gans Creek, which is surrounded by high bluffs. The trail offers a nice mix of hardwood forests, cedar thickets, creek bottoms, and limestone bluffs. It contains areas with steep grades and inclines more than 10%.

This trail tours a section of the Missouri Wild Area System, which is made up of substantial tracts of land set aside as wilderness. Because of this wilderness designation, the trail is not maintained at the same level as the other trails in the park.

Since it is a loop, the trail can be completed from any point, but the suggested start/finish is at the South Rock Quarry Road parking area off Highway 163 at the Gans Creek Trailhead, 38.87571711, -92.32409894, at the official Gans Creek Wild Area trailhead sign across the bridge from the parking lot. The trail is blazed in orange and well marked throughout, with a few connectors marked in white. Along the route are several elevated lookout points and a special-use area.

Route submitted by Heather DeRose and Antonio DeRose.