Route: Grand Isle Loop (VT)

Vermont, US
31.09 mi
Vertical Gain
1,506 ft

Robert Rives submitted the route:

Grand Isle, also known as South Hero Island (or "Apple Island" due to an abundance of orchards), is the largest island in Lake Champlain (VT/NY) with a total area of 31 square miles. The very popular Green Mountain Marathon takes place along the western shore of the island, using a C-shaped out-and-back route. 

In an effort to create a circumnavigation of the island, I combined a series of roads that takes the largest logical loop possible without any out-and-backs or route contrivances. The total distance of the loop comes to 30.2 miles and includes a mix of gravel and paved roads, most of which are quiet in the off-season.


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I'm planning to run the Grand Isle loop tomorrow, supported, starting in South Hero and running CCW.  Had a chance to talk with Robert Rives about it earlier this week, looking forward to exploring the island.  Tracking will be via InReach:

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Update - I'll be starting at White's Beach instead, still a CCW loop.

Great job, Marcy! It was wonderful to meet you and I'm stoked that you decided to repeat this route. The photos and write-up from Rob Swanson were a really nice addition.

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I'm thinking of attempting this soon -perhaps next weekend! Will post again when I decide for sure.