Route: Grand Valley Trail (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA
224.4 km

The Grand Valley Trail is 275 km long and runs from Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie which is south of Dunnville to Alton not far from Orangeville where it links by a side trail to the Bruce Trail. It is managed by the volunteer group, the Grand Valley Trails Association. Hikers are able to identify the main Grand Valley Trail by the white blazesapproximately 5 cm wide by 15 cm high. The trail is well-maintained and has good relationships with the nearby landowners. A GVTA Guide Book, 6th ed. 2006 was published but is kept up-to-date by a list of trail and road changes by the affiliated organization.

6 members of the Brant Death Racers Running Club ran the entire GVT as a relay in 26h42m:

Location: Grand Valley Trail - 

Date Completed: Friday June 26 - Saturday June 27, 2015
Set By: Brant Death Racers Running Club - Supported (6 member relay)

Start: Friday June 26 @ 4:06pm - Rock Point Provincial Park (Port Maitland, ON)
GPS: 42º 50’ 42 N, 79º 33’ 13 W

Finish: Saturday June 27 @ 6:48pm - Pinnacle Hill (Alton, ON)
GPS: 43º 51’ 34 N, 80º 04’ 28 W

Distance: 280 km
Time: 26 hours, 42 minutes

Direction: South to North
Conditions: Start temperature at Port Maitland: 26 (day), 12 (night). Finish temperature at Alton: 18 (day). Heavy rain and driving winds throughout Saturday afternoon and evening. Elevation Change Gain = ~2650 meters / ~8694 feet
Comments: 6 runners x 2 legs each (~50km/runner)

Legs 1 & 7: J. Hirota
Legs 2 & 8: C. Giesler
Legs 3 & 9: C. Hewings
Legs 4 & 10: A. Hall
Legs 5 & 11: D. Namisniak
Legs 6 & 12: J. Esposito

GVT FKT 2015 - letter.pdf 

GPS Track


I, Jamieson Hatt and Shayne Dumouchelle will be attempting a self supported fkt of the grand valley trail. We will be starting Friday, August 3/2018. We will be fueling at stores and restaurants. We have a hotel booked in Kitchener Friday night, and Brantford Saturday night. We will be getting dropped off in Alton(starting point) early Friday, and we are getting picked up at rock point provincial park on Sunday. This should be an interesting adventure! I’ll be taking some date stamped pics and here’s my live tracking link.

Take #2! I, Jamieson Hatt and Shayne Dumouchelle are trying to redeem ourself on the grand valley trail. Same as last year. Self supported starting in Alton. This time we are prepped to camp out. Hopefully we learned from our mistakes last year! We will be starting early Friday, June 28/19. Here’s our tracking links.

Have fun, go get it boys. #didyoubringbugspray?