Route: Grosse Reibn (Germany)

70 km
Vertical Gain
4,800 m

The „Grosse Reibn“ (Great Round) is normally a very famous ski route, also called „The Haute Route of Berchtesgaden“. 
The ski route starts at the big parking lot at lake Königssee and it ends after 50k and around 4500m of vertical gain at the end oft the Wimbach valley near the village Ramsau. 
During this tour you cross some mountains and can find some very special powder moments. 

In the summer months it is very difficult to follow the exact way of the classical ski route because you have to scramble a lot, you find a lot of loosen rocks and some sections are really dangerous without snow. So as you can see it is very hard to draw a perfect line which can exactly be followed by others. 

The easiest way to run the „Grosse Reibn summer edition“ is, to follow the official trails. That means, that you skip the two major ski summits but you are able to finish the round where it started (which is impossible during winter months). 

So you haven’t that summit moments but you run a longer round, with more vertical gain and you are also able to run a perfect loop. That means more time outside, more fun and more special moments. ;-)
The „Great Round summer edition“ is 65 km long and has a total of around 4900m vertical gain.

The route (short): Königssee - Hochbahnweg - Carl-von-Stahl-Haus - Schneibstein - Seeleinsee - Hochgschirr - Wildtörl - Wasseralm - Steinhütterl - Lange Gasse - Niederbrunnsulzen - Totes Weib - Kärlingerhaus - Ingolstädter-Haus - Hochwies - Wimbachscharte - Loferer Seilergraben - Wimbachgrieshütte - Wimbachbrücke - Schapbachalm - Grünsteinhütte - Königssee

You can find some mountain huts on the way so you have the chance to run this route with or without support.

Gipfelvariante (submitted by Sarah Voelkel):

72km / 5050m elevation gain

We are changing the existing summer variant and adding the peaks Funtenseetauern, Hundstod and Seehorn, which significantly extends the route with its technical requirements.