Route: Horsetooth Reservoir Circumnavigation (CO)

Submitted by anonymous on Mon, 11/02/2020 - 05:25pm
Colorado, US
18.7 mi
Vertical Gain
2,100 ft

This route is a loop around Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Co.

Starting at the West Reservoir Ridge parking area you will run North along N Co RD 23 and turn left, heading west, on N Co RD 23G towards Lory State Park (entrance fee for anyone who doesn't have a CO State Parks pass) and join the West Valley Trail (this will be the main trail on the west side of the reservoir) until you reach the South Valley trail which takes you to Horsetooth Mountain Space. Once in HMS, join the Swan Johnson Trail until you reach W Co RD 38E. Turn left on W Co RD 38E (heading east) until you reach Centennial Road. Turn left on Centennial road (heading north).  Just before the final descent jump off the road onto North Loop Trail which will take you back to West Reservoir Ridge parking area.

This is a pretty scenic route around Horsetooth Reservoir, right around the 30k length, and has a mild amount of climbing.

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As a local Fort Collins runner I've run variations of this loop many times before. It's a fun mix of trail and road. I'm not sure who submitted this FKT route, but it's a bit different from what local runners have defaulted to in the past. The uploaded route directs runners up through Res Ridge Natural Area instead of finishing on the north dam. That's a funny way to finish the loop. It's more iconic and more like the traditional route to simply finish by running down the north dam. That's the way Andy Wacker and I finished our runs. That's the only edit I would suggest to this route.