Route: "It's an Edmonds Kind of Day" Half Marathon

Submitted by joyfuljogger on Sat, 07/23/2022 - 07:40pm
Washington, US
13.32 mi
Vertical Gain
705 ft

In the city of Edmonds, there is a saying, “It’s an Edmonds kind of day!” You can find it on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. Although 9 months out of the year our days in the Pacific Northwest seem gray and gloomy, we find the beauty in our city’s identifying features, such as the seagulls, water ferry, and Olympic Mountain Range across the water.

This route is fairly hilly. You start at sea level then climb 705 feet in total, then gradually climb back down to the water. You will start and finish at Brackett’s Landing North, where you can watch ferries come and go and scuba divers exploring the Edmonds Underwater Park.

This loop route connects 11 of the most popular beaches, parks, overlooks, and trails in Edmonds that provide a way to connect with nature and enjoy the wonderful world around us, including:

These parks offer multiple ways to experience Edmonds. When you are running among the tall trees or breathing in the salty sea air with seagulls gliding above your head, you, too, might find yourself saying, “Ah, it’s an Edmonds kind of day!”


Route Notes:

  • This route minimizes the number of car stoplights that may force the runner to halt.
  • When running clockwise, these recommendations minimize street crossings and help follow the trails:
    • Sunset Ave: stay on the left side of the road along Sunset Ave as you run north, then stay left as you continue up the hill to Olympic View Drive and eventually to Southwest County Park
    • Southwest County Park: enter the trail system at the first opening and stay right to run parallel to the road
    • Pine Ridge Park: stay to the right as you run south. At the end of the trail, to avoid crossing Main St and having to wait for cars to stop, cross under the road in the tunnel pictured
    • Yost Park: continue straight on the largest trail to output into the parking lot then onto Maple St
    • Deer Creek Park: run to the furthest west trail opening, then stay right as you continue west to the trail exit