Route: Kekekabic Trail (MN)

Minnesota, US
63 km
Vertical Gain
630 m

Alexander Falconer describes the route:

Point to point trail starting East to West (the way I ran it) from the Gunflint Trail Rd to Snowbank Lk Rd. The trail is 100% within the Superior National Forest and enters the Boundary Waters Wilderness from the East in about 2.6 miles and is completely a Wilderness trail from that point on for another 34 miles.

The Kekekabic Trail Association, which is now a segment of the North Country Trail lists the trail as 41 miles. The Forest Service lists the trail as 46 miles. My Garmin Fenix 5 watch logged 39.6 and my Garmin inReach logged 39.1. Given this is the first listing for this route, hopefully other people's tech can be used to start to hone in on an actual distance!

The trail follows a relatively well established trail along lakes and rivers of the BWCA. The trail crosses along several beaver dams, logs over streams, through marshes, etc. You’ll get your feet wet!

The east and west sides have more elevation and views of the wilderness all around. The middle portion goes along the lakes with more river and stream crossings and beaver dams.

GPS Track
Kekekabic.gpx298.77 KB


Hello! If anyone happens to be watching or following this trail - I'm attempting the Kek this coming Saturday, Oct 12th! This is phase 2 of my Running for the BWCA - running across canoe country to bring awareness of the sulfide ore copper mine threat to America's most visited wilderness to all you awesome trail runner people.

I'll have a link to the map my Garmin InReach will be tracking, I'll post that in the coming days when I get it activated again and set up.


Hey Alex! I am planning to thru hike the kek this year (2021) and I would like to ask you a few questions about your ultra run you did a few years ago :) 

Running the Kek October 12, 2020! We'll post our live track on Sunday for folks to follow along--if you'd like